Velanio Beach

If you walk across the beach at Stafylos and follow the footpath on the hill, you will find yourself at a second beach, Velanio, which is worth visiting, despite the walking distance. Velanio is the only beach on Skopelos where … Read More

Milia beach

Leaving behind the Antrines, you will meet Milia, which is for many the most beautiful beach of the island. It is a large organized beach, which has a lifeguard and a beach bar. Milia could be characterized “exotic”, as it … Read More

Kastani beach

Kastani beach became famous for the film “Mama Mia” and not unfairly. Kastani is located right next to Milios and 21 km from the country. The two sandy beaches (Milios and Kastani) are joined only by a path that passes … Read More

Skopelos. The terrain

Skopelos is the largest of the Northen Sporades group of Islands. Its rocky coastline forms innumerable small coves and the two large bays of Panormos and Skopelos. Mt Delfi stretches from the northern part of the island to the center; … Read More

Feel the Tranquility of Greece’s Skopelos Island

Belonging to the Northern Sporades group of islands, Skopelos is one of those places that keeps enchanting visitors through the decades. With its hilly and still green landscapes and thinner crowds compared to more popular Greek spots, it is a persistent draw … Read More

Greek island holiday guide: the Sporades and Evia

In the first of a new series on holidaying in the Greek islands we look at the Sporades – including Skopelos, where Mamma Mia! was filmed – and Evia, the country’s second largest island, where the Greeks go on holidays … Read More

Is Skopelos the perfect Greek island?

Hovolo beach

Hovolo beach starts from south end of Neo Klima village. When you reach Neo Klima, the sign boards for Hovolo will lead to a small beach next to the port on one side and high cliffs on the other side. … Read More

Perivoliou beach

Perivoliou is the last beach of the north-east coast of the island . It is only 5.2 km on the opposite side from the village of Glossa, and it’s very popular to local families because it’s not accessible by the local … Read More

mama mia church

Agios Ioannis is one of the most picturesque and famous locations in Skopelos. Its crystal waters and the natural beauty are some of the characteristics of this region, which is located 30 km north west of Skopelos town and 8 … Read More