Limnonari beach

Climbing one bend above Agnontas and at a distance of 9,5 km from the town of Skopelos, you see a sign informing of yet one more beautiful beach, Limnonari.

Tradition has it that it took its name from Ares, the God of War (Limni tou Ari – Lake of Ares), as he was mesmerized by its beauty.

There is one more version on the name of the beach; as it is a closed and very protected gulf, the name “Limnonari” –which means small lake- absolutely describes the calm and unruffled waters of the beach! Depending the winter waves, the beach most of times will have for a few meters on the entrance to the sea a stone that you will have to walk on it or swim direct. Whatever, the case, you will marvel at the blue-green waters and its fine white sand.

Limnonari is one of the organised beaches on Skopelos, as there are deck chairs and umbrellas, while there are two small tavernas near the beach, as well as a parking area.

Let us mention also that the road leading to Limnonari is narrow and with bends, so extra care is needed while driving.

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