Continuing the tour of the island beaches and at a distance of 17 km from Chora (12 km from the shorter road), you will reach one of the most popular and frequented beaches of the island, Panormos.

Panormos is a large leeward gulf with a pebbly beach and crystal clear waters, which get deep immediately as you enter! It is an organized beach and has a lifeguard.

Along the beach there are many rooms to let, hotels and restaurants. There is also a parking area, but relatively limited. It is worth enjoying your bathe at Panormos at the time of sunset, as the scene is amazing!

In the ancient years at Panormos, there used to be a fortified Acropolis on the “Palaiokastro” hill, whose walls are saved in excellent condition.

The word Panormos is an ancient Greek that Homer also refers to. Panormos is generally characterized as a bay, or a port that provides special security for every weather, comes from the words + + rush (safely), such as the large and safe bay of Milos.

In antiquity, even from the Homeric era, this term was an epithelium, as evidenced by the verse of the Odyssey, which is the “odyssey of the five-year-old harbors and of the trees and trees”.
From this originated in the ancient Greek language and the name of various cities of “idleness”, but also in the modern Greek dominates place names that bear this name, although many of these modern ferronyms and ports are not entitled to characterize Panormos. But this has happened more for tourist and visibility purposes, even for partial (in certain winds) provided security for ships and boats.

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